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Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16th 2018


Isn't this a fine kettle of fish!!!!!  April 16th and it is cold and snowy!  I covered my strawberries last night and they will be covered for a couple more nights!

My poor Morning Glory seeds that I started.  Reaching for light!  The tomatoes I posted last week are doing fine as I move them from window to window but the yard long beans not doing as well.  They need more light and can't move them very easily as I planted them in a larger pot.  Hopefully spring will decide to come and stay soon!

Made up a batch of barbecue chicken.  Like to have easy things made ahead to warm.

And another batch of gluten free pancakes for myself!

Sweet Great Granddaughter Nora has a birthday this week.  I bought this doll and made up a little doll blanket.  My Mom sewed flannel quilt squares together and I have kept them all this time.  So used some for the top of the blanket.  I guess you could say the top was made by Nora's Great-great Grandma McKee!

Just waiting to be wrapped!

Another visit from Nora!  I am glad that we live close enough that we can be a part of her life.  Also thankful our daughter takes time to bring her over often!  We are blessed!

Playing peek-a-boo under our new glider that goes outside.  What a job putting it together but "wonderful gardener" got it done!  Of course I helped!  Hehe

Much easier for Nora then me!  Stay warm and have a great week!  Thank you if you leave a comment to let me know you visited. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

April 9th 2018

What do you think?  Are these yard long beans going to make it?  I started them in the house but I don't have good sunlight and no grow light system.  I saved these seeds from last year.

Made gluten free biscuits again.  They don't really look like a biscuit but they fill me up!

Added this material, lace and yarn to my stash.  I fell in love with the heart design lace you can see in the next picture.

Isn't it just the prettiest!  I love hearts anyway.

My two favorite people eating popcorn!  (Coco thinks she is a person!)  Coco is patiently waiting to be thrown one.

Dehydrating more strawberries!  I love my dehydrator.

I like to make two chicken pot pies when I make them and stick one in the freezer.  I only put a crust on the top and these are gluten free crusts.

I finally finished this pinwheel couch quilt!  It is a gift for a special person.

I used plain blue on the back.  I did tie it.  My Mom always tied hers from the time I can remember and I like tying them.

Chris sent me  cherry tomato seeds she had saved.  These two are doing fairly well considering my lighting situation.  The pot looks larger than it actually is.  It is small enough I can move it to the den window sill in the mornings to get more light.  Hoping!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunshine today! Woo hoo!

It is 2 p.m. and 44 degrees!  I was very happy to see my Iris I planted last year is peaking through.  Also my chives in a pot are growing from last year.  Didn't know if they would come back in a pot.  Maybe nice weather will get here before long.  At least I can hope!

I am buying green beans for my dog!  Anyone else do this?   My green beans did not grow well last year so am hoping for better results this year.  Hate spending my money buying green beans for Coco!

We celebrated Papa"s 78th birthday!  It is always nice to have the help of grandkids and now Nora, the great grandkid!  I love it when all the family gets together.  13 of us
here but we miss the kids from the east coast!

What happened to the simpler days when I just pushed a button and the TV came on!  Now there are three different remotes for the same TV.  Blows my mind so "wonderful gardener" ran this helpful picture off for me of the main remote!  I think I was born in the wrong century.

Muffins made from Bob's Red Mill muffin mix.  Too sweet!  When I could bake with regular flour I was cutting down on the sugar so got use to eating less sugar.

I discovered a new tea I really enjoy.  Licorice Spice!  Try it, you'll love it!

A pot of homade vegetable soup gets more veggies down us!

I have a curtain rod above my craft counter and it is a great place to hang these strips while waiting to be sewn together.

A new cart to store some of my card making supplies!  If I am not careful I will be as organized as some of my " super organized friends"!  I won't mention names but three of them begin with  P, with a C and one begins with a K.  LOL

"Wonderful Gardener" has many talents!  He cut up cardboard for me to wrap my material on to go neatly in my baskets.

Last but not least the thermometer in my cold frame read 90 degrees yesterday and the soil is warming up.  Soon I will plant a few seeds and see how they will do.  Have a sunshiny kind of day and it would please me if you could leave a comment!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

January 20th 2018

Fifty dollars worth of gluten free mixes from Bob's Red Mill!  I dislike not being able to have wheat, barley and rye could be worse!!

I made up one of the chocolate chip cookie mixes.  Here they are minus one!  A baker always has to sample whatever they bake!  They are pretty tasty but can't measure up to the ones that I use to make in Michigan when the kids were growing up!  

Our little sweetheart, Nora, came for a visit.  Look at that!  Standing up to the couch already!  She will be a year old in April.  Time goes by so quickly.

Another matching pot holder and dish cloth finished.

I saw instructions of how to make cloth bookmarks so thought I would give it a try.  I had cut out three.  Not sure how practical these are but there are still some people that would rather have a book in their hand than read it on a kindle.  That happens to be me although I do read them on my kindle too.

I am reading "Powerless The Year The Lights Went out". 
  Here's the synopsis that Amazon gives for the book:
A nationwide power cut sends the UK into darkness and the lights are going to be off for a long time. There is no mains water, no petrol and no news. Towns and cities are chaotic and dangerous. Who will survive the months ahead without electricity? But out in the country, Sandra is determined to keep going. Can she keep her family healthy through the long, wet winter? And can they all adapt to life without power?
   We have electricity but I sure miss getting outdoors with all this rain we have been having!  Hopefully soon!  Have a great week!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb. 11, 2018

We were blessed with a couple of nice days...........

And now we are blessed with this!

Coco needs a path shoveled to go out for her daily duties!  She has a nice "daddy" that shovels one for her!

My Christmas cactus must be preparing early for next Christmas!  It bloomed on one side before and it looks like it will only bloom on one side again.  Can anyone tell me why that is?

Nora, our great grandbaby, came for a visit!  Do you think she may become a chef?!  Or maybe she will excel at being a "taste tester"!

Have been working on this "couch" quilt made from scraps.  Need to buy some batting and backing yet.

Made this flannel baby blanket for the gift cupboard.  It is plain pink on one side and pink with white polka dots on the other.  I am hoping for more great grandbabies someday!

Just slivers left of my lotion bar so had to make up more.  I really like using these!

Why is it that my music area seems to get as messy and disorganized as my craft area!  Thank you if you visited or left a comment.  I always enjoy reading the comments and also meeting new bloggers!


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Must be Winter

It is that time of year again in Northwest Indiana!  Coco gets a path shoveled for her to go out to potty.  Similar to trudging to the outhouse!

Our courtyard looks like this.  Hubby pushed some of the snow off the cold frame but not off the protective cover so you can see how much we got.  I know others received lots more than we did.

Another picture of the small raised bed and strawberry bed.  Hubby pushed some snow off the one end.  I wonder if my strawberries will make it.  We have had some bitter cold weather.

Gluten free chicken pot pie tastes really good in the winter.  Let's face it, I think it tastes good year round!

I have been sick with the "yuck", cough and cold, so have sewed more.  Made a few of these little kleenex covers to carry in one's purse.  I don't know how practical they are but they do look girlie!! 

These are flannel hankies!  I learned about making them from the Bluebirds Are Nesting and Garden Pat blogs.  They are soft on the nose when it is sore from a cold!  Thank you for visiting and try to stay well!