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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 16th

I have some very organized friends that love to organize.  That is not one of my skills!!  I love putting things in jars and found these pretty labels on the Strangers and Pilgrims blog.  "Wonderful Gardener" made them up for me and now I have the jars on the floor of my pantry looking so nice and easy to find.

Here you can see a close up of one.

Two more beautiful peppers from my one pepper plant.  There are two more small ones and that is it for this year.  

My friend and I are getting together to play piano duets.  We are having so much fun doing this!

I dug out a little raspberry runner from around my bushes and planted it in this pail.  Hoping it will grow!

Our friends went out of town and said we could pick from their garden.  This is what we were blessed to come home with!

Here is "Wonderful Gardener" helping me make tomato juice from some of those tomatoes sputtering all the time saying he would just buy his tomato juice and there must be an easier way to do this!!

Our granddaughter from VA is in town for the week so we are enjoying her.  I had bought quite a bit of organic white flour before I found out I had to go gluten free so ask her if she would make up chocolate chip cookies for her Papa.  They turned out really well except for the last pan I forgot and left in the oven a little too long!!  Oops!  They weren't burnt but just a little too brown!

We are enjoying our great granddaughter Nora!

What a sweetheart little Nora is!!

Our Gracie is growing up so fast!  She can't wait to be old enough to babysit!!  Would you please leave a comment so I will know that you have visited and have a great rest of the week!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Bits and Pieces

My green sweet pepper had almost turned red and so I picked it!!  It had one little bad spot on the bottom so it is a good thing that I did!

I had three yucky tomato worms this year.  I had not seen a live one before in my gardening experiences.

Even with the plant falling over and the tomato hornworms I picked quite a few tomatoes.  We pulled it out today.  It seems that the gardening season is ending a month early here this year.

My cucumbers had lots of blossoms but some of them just shriveled up like this one and I don't know if the ones left will ever develop enough to eat.  Could it be the reason is that they did not get pollinated?  This has not been the best first year gardening in my little courtyard!

Here is one that hasn't shriveled up yet.  Do you think it has time to grow into something large enough to eat?

A picture of one of the other tomato hornworms.  See all those yucky white things hanging from him!!  Are they eggs or little worms?  This part of gardening is not for me!!

Since we were having company I picked some flowers off the front bushes and three lavender flowers that were left and stuck in one of my tea pots for a centerpiece.

We were delighted to have our friends, Darlene and Rich from Michigan, stop by for a visit.  Also Marcia from there who I neglected to get a picture of.

A green pepper and a red pepper from the same bush!  Isn't that amazing when you stop to think about it!

Coco helped herself to a couple of my zucchinis!  Grrrrr!

I made wonderful gardener a raspberry pie.  I was good and did not eat any of it since I am not suppose to have gluten.

Some of my tomatoes.  Aren't they a pretty red against the blue placemat!

Bought some cucumbers and made up a batch of freezer dills.

Started another quilt!  Never mind all the other projects I need to finish!  Thanks for taking the time to visit!  I am off now to feed Coco her dog food and her carrots!  Come again!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Garden and Company

We had company for a few days and took them on a tour of this beautiful mansion in South Bend, IN.  It is the Oliver mansion.

This is one of the rooms.  Can you imagine living in a house this size?  Or may be some of you do!!  This would make one nice size craft room!

This is one of the gardens!

Another one of the gardens.  We were also able to tour the butler's house right near the mansion also.

We had a storm and when I went out in the morning my tomato plant had toppled over!  A lot of green tomatoes were on the cement!  Not a good thing for a gardener to find first thing in the morning!  The stem was not broke so we propped it back up!

These were the tomatoes I picked up off the cement.  Boo-hoo!  That was my only larger tomato plant besides the Sun Gold and the Patio ones on the front porch.

The leaves on the top of that tomato plant were all eaten off!  Coco can not reach that high!

This picture is from the internet but my friend found one of these ugly things on my tomato plant.  Yuk!!  He is the guilty one that stripped my leaves I believe and ate a little of about three tomatoes.  Why could he not have just ate one and ate it all instead of nibbling on three.  My friend took it off for me.  I am a sissy gardener I guess.  We finally decided to flush it down the guest toilet!  Didn't want it put down mine!  Haha  She left this morning so I hope there are no more!  I kinda doubt that "wonderful gardener" would take it off for me.  Maybe I will become more of just a flower gardener and buy my tomatoes at the Farmer's Market!

This is the one side of the front porch that has the sungold tomato plant.  It has had a lot of little tomatoes that were delicious but I think is about done producing.  Maybe some Mum flowers will go there in the fall.

This is a pole bean in the pail.  It has not produced well and I have mesh around the bottom.  Three guesses why!  Coco found a hole in the mesh (or put one in) and helped herself to what few beans there are that she could.

Our friends that we met when we were both full timing left for the airport this morning to fly back to their home in AZ!  I am on my own now if I find anymore tomato worms!!  Wish me luck!  Thanks for dropping by!  Come again!

Sunday, July 16, 2017


My very first Roma tomato this year!!!!  It was hiding and hard to see.  I am hoping the rest of them on my one plant will ripen nicely.  The sungolds are almost done producing so it will be nice to move on to these.

Another nice size zucchini!

A dermatologist did a biopsy on one of my itchy rashes.  Found out I have Dermatitis herpetiformis.  In simple words I am allergic to wheat, rye and barley.  Fun, fun, fun!  I found this Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookie mix at Aldi's and it is quite good!

Also found a gluten free pancake mix and made them up.  Pretty tasty!

I was grumbling (imagine that!) because the landscapers didn't plant any perennial flowers in my front yard but now I have two bushes flowering.  They are pretty but I wish I knew what they were.  Do you think they might be some type of hydrangea?  

I needed some smaller dessert plates so went to the thrift store this past week.  Found 6 of these pretty little vintage dessert plates which had my name on them so home they came with me.  Love them!  All for now!  Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Success and Failures

My first year in my courtyard garden has resulted in some success and some failures!!  I am having a hard time trying to grow green beans this year.  The leaves get all tan and then fall off.  Is it a bug or too much nitrogen????  I have put Neem on two or three times.  Should I continue to do so???  Some later ones I planted have stunted growth also.  I have harvested a few from these plants.

Even my Roma tomato plant has some leaves like that although it has lots of tomatoes on it.

Soon my pole bean will be able to compete with Jack and the Beanstalk story!  Even it does have some of those affected leaves.

My raspberries have not done well either.  Just have a few on them.  Woe is me!

My yard long beans have some bad leaves also but are producing some beans.  There is one out there now that is even longer than the 15 inch one.  I don't know much about saving seeds but would like to save some from this plant.  I only have one plant.  Can I leave one on to save the seeds and keep picking the rest of them????

I am cutting up chives and drying them.  My chive plants are in a pot.  I wonder if they will overwinter in a pot?  I have always had them in the ground before but my problem furchild, Coco might eat them so I keep them up high in a pot.

One success is my Sungold tomato on the front porch!  Yum! It has produced well.

So far one small zucchini and one larger one.

I did not plant many beets this year.  I don't have room to grow everything I would like. (I hate to admit it but I don't have the energy either!)

Lots of pretty blossoms on these cucumbers!

Looks like I will get quite a few green peppers off from this one plant!

I guess I bought the wrong lily.  Had one bloom and that is it.  

The one on the left I had at my other house and it bloomed and bloomed.  I thought since they both had the word Hemerocallis on the tag that this one would too.  Woe is me!!

My basil did well so made up another batch of pesto and froze.

It brightens my day to look out in the morning and see this beautiful pink geranium.  See you next time!  I hope you enjoyed your visit!!